Computer worms and how to get rid of them

robot-707219_1280      A computer worm is a noxious self-replicating program. Compared to other infections, a worm does not have to enter a program to multiply and go from computer to computer.

     Worms are regularly used to make a secondary passage for a programmer to access the victims PC, for use in a botnet, to send spam mail, or to anonymize their own program history.

     Similarly as with all malware, a slow Internet connection without any reason is a certain indication of a worm assault. Receiving a lot of unwanted emails, more than just the regular spam we are all accustomed to is another sign of a possible infection. Strange browser behavior or warning signs from your anti-virus and firewall systems may also occur.

     If we have all reasons to suspect a computer infection we don't need to panic. Many viruses and other types of malware are designed simply to cause chaos and it may be the same case.

     Supposing that you have an anti-virus program installed

   Most probably a pop up message appears on your desktop from time to time or you have a shortcut on there. Simply open it and run a quick scan. Most of the time it takes from 10 to 20 minutes to finish depending on your computer's specs and how many files you have stored on your hard-disk.

     If nothing shows up after the scan is complete and your computer behaviour didn't improved you may want to make an indepth scan. But this usually takes from 2 to 3 hours or even more! So you will have to be ready to do this in the morning and move to other things. I advise against leaving the computer overnight.

     If the scan was completed, nothing was found and you still have all the reasons to beleive that your computer is infected you may want to change your anti-virus.

Malware, Spyware, and Adware? What’s the difference?


     They allow other people to track your Internet patterns and record your credit card and any other personal information without your permission. Show unwanted ads on your computer. Modify, copy or delete your files. And if it weren't enough they slow down your computer and Internet connection.

     You have to be very knoledgeble when it comes to anti-virus software and firewalls because not all of them work, are good and some of them are even infected with the pests you are tring to get rid of. (Usually the free ones, only if they don't come from reputable companies like kaspersky, northon, nod32 etc.)

     It it weren't enough just as it is they are keeping on advancing into new tricky and undermining types of web assaults, that's way anti-viruses have almost daily updates and why it's best to have a subscription for one once you find what is the best type of program based on your usage habits.

     The most terifing thing is that when they infect a fille you can rarelly save it and even the best anti-virus out there will completely delete your file. From the user who use the computer once a week to store pictures and recordings to the more advanced one whose work is based on the usage of a computer this is a real problem.

     It's best to form good internet habits or start changing them. Know what a threat is, where you can get it, how it manifests, what to do and NOT do in the case of an inffection (most viruses will follow you and enter the filles you acces, if you access the contaminated folder then move to another one, that one will ALSO become infected) but most important, how to avoid a nasty situation and enjoy a safe and fast computer and internet connection.

high-security-1740431_1920     Buckle your belt and be ready to make some changes. It's beter to have an umblera with you if you know that it may rain today. Especially if you have important filles on your PC. I know that I have and I guess that you have too.

Introduction: Spybot, Spyware, Trojans, Adware, Worms…

     One thing that has always been of the utmost importance is how to prevent individual piracy, from a simple virus to Spybot Trojans and malicious programming code to the latest Spyware. All have been meant to do one thing, record your movements, and reveal them to others so that they may use these actions against you.

     Whether by simply displaying ads or diverting your browser’s setting to a particular search engine, to a non family friendly website hosting spybot malware or displaying casino pop up ads and tracking your IP with spybot cookies and revealing it to absolutely anyone anywhere on command.



     Spybot Spyware aps are basically programs that are hidden from view and work in the background in order to collect your personal information and use them against you in various forms.

     Spybot malware and spyware in many ways, acts much like a virus which remains undetected from your eyes and destroys your data, but on the other hand a spybot is more dangerous in the sense that it remains undetected on your system and reports and reveals your personal information to the big advertising guns and evil third party hackers who develop these small spybot snippets for their own petty interests.

     Hidden Spyware, Spybot malware & Trojans keep logs of websites that you visit, softwares you use, configurations of your computer and the data that you submit while signing up with any online forms. This information compiled by backdoor trojan spybot malware and spyware adware applications, is then used to direct conveniently relevant advertisements to you.


     You must have noticed that when you try to use some freeware and shareware softwares, endless streams of pop up windows appear from every side, asking you to click here or there, your PC slows down because of the dozens of spybot spyware programs and pop up windows sharing the same resources in the background.

     The main emphasis of these spyware & spybot programs is to give you pertinent ads at your end.. but they inadvertently make your internet experience a frustrating, ad bombarding and hellish one. You must also have had experienced many times that you clicked some link on your favorite website but the browser landed on another page and the more you tried to get rid of them, the more they remained hanging in and around you in the form of small pop up windows, error messages or other warning messages asking you whether you want to install a software, set up your homepage to a particular website and so on.

     All these are signs that you have a malicious spybot spyware in your system that is monitoring your actions and movements and sending your online habits to people who value such information.

     These people then track you down for a variety of purposes like sending pop up ads and installing some pesky applications so that hackers can hack your financial data and passwords. These are the most common unlawful purposes for which spyware are used.

     You can avoid the intrusion of attacks of spybot spyware and stop them from spying on your systems by using an anti spybot spyware utility that is available online, some of them are very basic, others are professional, well designed and impeccably programmed to ensure that spybot malware & spyware is removed from your machine and absolutely nothing else.

     Also using a firewall can help reduce the error attacks at a considerable rate. If you treasure your privacy, then installing these tools are essential; because even if you locate them you can’t manually delete them. Much like virus pests, spyware also is very hard to remove, so you have to use special anti spyware tools.