Choose wisely your Cloud. Not all of them are safe.


This is something that got my attention in a particular way because most of the people today store their videos, photos in a cloud but there are others that store even important information like bank information.

CloudFanta Malware Steals Banking Information Via Cloud Storage Apps

Watch out, threat research labs Netskope spotted the CloudFanta Malware Stealing Banking Information Via Cloud Storage Apps.

Threat Research Labs, Netskope, published a detailed research on the malware “CloudFanta” campaign, suspect since July 2016 to steal more than 26,000 worth of email credentials. CloudFanta benefits from the ‘SugarSync’ – a cloud storage app – to distribute itself and steal user credentials and monitor online banking activities to extract sensitive information. Find out how…

This is no joking, I thought it was impossible and was quite shocked when I found out. But why it comes to me with such surprise? In this day and age all is possible. The cyber crooks come up with many inventive ways every day in order to steal our info and I’m not saying it in a good way.


This is one of the reasons why I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to storing my sensible information. I still print or write my details and store them in a portfolio somewhere safe in my house. At least the most crucial information like my bank details.

Still I can’t negate the fact that MOST of my accounts are stored online.


Be sure to check the website for malware or viruses before you register, this applies to EVERY site not just the ones you consider that are important. It doesn’t take more than 10 seconds and eventually it will become a habit.

Also look if the app haves a website and it’s represented by a group of people, check the website, does it have a facebook page or other social media? How many people are engaged with that particular page or profile? Write the site or app name in Google and after it write “review”/”reviews” to see what other people have’s to say about it.

Don’t just simply download an app or register on a website the first time you see it. This check is what I use and it doesn’t take more than two minutes.