E-mails: Spam, spam and oh! what a surprise spam again.

We wen’t over this already but I bring some good news related to spam emails. Up until now your Internet Service Providers where allowed to share or sell your information to third parties. Not only your ISP but other agencies like the Work Force. Anyway, this one is related to our ISPs.

New Privacy Rules require ISPs to must Ask you before Sharing your Sensitive Data


Good News for privacy concerned people! Now, your online data will not be marketed for business; at least by your Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


Yes, it’s time for your ISPs to ask your permission in order to share your sensitive data for marketing or advertisement purposes, the FCC rules.


On Thursday, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has imposed new privacy ruleson Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that restrict them from sharing your online history with third parties without your consent. Read more…


It was always specified in the contract that “we can give to other third parties some of your personal information. See paragraph something on page X” at least if they said only with your permission but they know that no one would say “Yes! Please send me 100 emails per minute with offers that I’m not interested to so that I can’t find what I’m looking for.”

Anyway that’s fixed now and more and more people are becoming aware or at least annoyed by unwanted emails and similar  actions will be taken with other companies or agencies so that the number will decrease.

And now to end this post with something interesting.Did you know that the phrase “spam mail” was inspired by the Monty Python?

     Personally I don’t think that Spam mail will ever disappear, at least completely. Why? Because grandma will still love kittens and she will still send you emails with Gifs for you to like and share on facebook to show her that you care.