Spam emails can buy Ferraris. Want to know how?


So we know that spam emails are mostly used to promote a product or service in an annoying way, mostly. Sometimes the newsletters we willingly subscribe to end up spamming us. Thanks to the email service providers most of them get automatically sent to the spam folder and there they remain.

There are also some very dangerous emails that we really should avoid. They contain files or a link and the moment you click on them your money balance suffers. Going trough email as usual until you find a “winning” lottery ticket. The temptation is just to big and you click it. In the end you win nothing but a malware that steals your credit card information.

This is a known possibility. But have you wondered what happens on the other side? I mean sure, the crook might buy a new phone or…whatever. Is the risk of getting caught worth it in the end?

    Florida man ran $1.35m hack-and-spam racket with 50m-plus addresses

                                     The wages of sin include a Ferrari F430

The leader of a spamming gang that took over corporate servers and private email accounts to send out spam has pled guilty to charges of computer hacking and identity theft.

Timothy Livingston, 31, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, worked with two other partners to run A Whole Lot of Nothing, LLC. The shell company pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars between January 2012 and June 2015 with spamming campaigns for illicit drugs, and also targeted some legitimate companies.

Now we know why we get so much spam email. It’s hell to stay every morning sitting at your computer for an hour or so to go trough the email just to find one good email in a hundred. Actually this is quite enjoyable for me, I wake up turn on the computer and sit with a nice coup of tea unsubscribing and deleting emails while the nice warm sun’s light is passing trough the window. But in case you don’t like tea:

                                  How to Stop Spam

Spam has become a constant fixture in our online lives. While it’s easy to gloss over spam in your inbox, accidentally clicking a spam link can lead to virus infection and identity theft. Take the fight to the spammers by actively blocking the spam that you receive, as well as preventing future spam. Your inbox will thank you.

Unwanted emails that can buy Ferraris, pieces of code that kidnap computer files. Where are we heading towards?! Ha ha, just kidding. Stay informed and avoid suspicious files and links and you’ll be safe and Please! If you want to buy a Ferrari think of better legit method. Thanks!

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